Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Whats In My Bag Tag

It dawned on me recently that I don't think I have ever participated in a beauty blogger tag, quite a shameful act if I do say so myself, so today in true newbie fashion I thought I would make a go of the whats in my bag tag.

The Bag

My bag itself is a very very worn in leather satchel style which I have had since I started college (4 years ago) and my goodness it has served me well. I love this bag because I think it's a style that never really goes out of fashion, plus its massive so I can carry my life if I need to!

The Contents

Hairbrush and Hairspray:
Self explanatory really, I mean I do live in the North East of Scotland and we can't look fabulous all of the time can we!? I'm prepared for practically everything!

Crazy Cat Diary:
Sometimes I have trouble managing my time / remembering peoples birthdays so this is my life saviour. I get a mid year to mid year diary as I hate starting one in January, it was very handy as a student.

Leopard Print Notebook:
My blogger book! Should inspiration strike, and sometimes it does at awkward times of the day, I don't want to scribble on my hand, so this does the trick.

Green Elephant Purse (Urban Outfitters):
As much as you're not meant to and as bad luck as it's supposed to be, I bought this myself. Nobody knows how to buy me a gift like me and it's a bit tatty now and my poor elephant is going a funny colour but it serves me well.

Dior Glasses Case + Glasses:
Hello four eyes! Yes I wear glasses, I understand its from years at the cinema and sitting to close to a computer screen, but hey at least I can pull of Geek Chic without those awful false frames. Don't sit too close to the television kids!

Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume:
I have adopted this as 2014's signature scent. Mine at least. Years I feel I lusted after this sweet, flowery scent and now it's mine, my precious if you will and I wouldn't be a day without it.

Bottle of Evian:
A practicality if anything, it saves me gorging on yet ANOTHER bottle of fizz and helps for my long walks to work in the mornings. God forbid if I forget it I'm a sweaty mess after my journey!

And that's me, what do you guys carry in your bag that's maybe a little bit different? Eccentric even? I'd love to hear your crazy bag tag!

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H.Elizabeth x

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