Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ten things I learned about myself while travelling alone

Hello everyone, today I thought I would share one of the many adventures I have in life, my latest one being my megabus journey and beyond from Aberdeen to London for a mini weekend away all by my lonesome to visit London's Super Comic Convention 2014.

Now let me first of all start by saying I had the most amazing time, I met some amazing characters (literal characters if any of you are familiar with the cons) I had some downtime alone and lastly I discovered some pretty odd things about myself, some great, some not so. So without further a do here are the ten things I learned about myself while making my journey.

#1 Packing light is not my forte. In fact only last week I hunted far and wide for a tiny, smurf sized 'travel case' with no luck and decided a little extra room would do me good, HOWEVER upon packing my major - I'm packing for two weeks - case I managed to completely fill arms did not thank me for having to drag that everywhere.

#2 Carrying a coffee, a case and a handbag ought to be an olympic sport - enough said.

#3 I cannot sleep on buses - much to my disdain.

#4 Junk food is my travel companion. Yes having done so well to stay fit and healthy this year for it all to go out the window for London, over the weekend I consumed 4 Aberdeen rolls, 9 mini cupcakes, 1 bag of popcorn, 6 mini pancakes, 2 cereal bars (the only healthy item!) 2 Mcdonalds meals, 1 ice cream sundae, half a pizza, a sausage roll, a DOUBLE sausage and egg mcmuffin and perhaps worst of all 9 bottles of Dr Pepper. Needless to say I am still suffering.

#5 My sense of direction leaves much to be admired. Yes in fact there were multiple occasions where the only reason I was able to tell which direction I ought to go in was to spin in a circle and stare at the tiny arrow on my mobile GPS.

#6 I am clumsy, first of all I THOUGHT I lost my ID and almost was not allowed admittance to my hotel room, I accidentally slept in my hotel room (with sketchy neighbors might I add) with my door unlocked the entire night, and finally 20 minutes prior to catching my bus home I went to the wrong bus station, panic ensues.

#7 As much as I feel like a neutral sort of person, there is no escaping, I am a true Scottish lady. Upon one very rude vendor refusing my cash due to it being 'too difficult' to change I was overcome with a ginger tinted rage and uttered the phrase which typifies us Scots when visiting England, 'it's legal tender!!!' Grr.

#8 Comic con is my calling, I've never felt more at home than around people who dress up as heroes, villains and all manner of creatures.

#9 I am a moody madam when I travel alone, on several occasions I put my bag on the bus seat (which I hate others doing) and pretended to be asleep, or attempted a menacing look in order to sit alone and retain my comfy space!

#10 I love throwing myself outside of my comfort zone, and I endeavour to do it more and more!

Have any of you guys ever survived a mega bus journey alone? Share your experiences and travel giggles in the comments below, send me a Tweet or if you'd like to keep up with my latest and greatest antics you can follow me on Bloglovin

And because I'm not a fan of text heavy posts here is a pic of Darth Vadar and Darth Sidious from the convention! (Post pending!)


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