Thursday, 6 February 2014

Urban Decay's Cream Shadow

Today I am going to be talking about Urban Decay's Cream Shadow which I bought as part of my February wish list earlier this month.

I really wanted to try out just a general cream eyeshadow and I figured you couldn't go far wrong with Urban Decay having already bought their Naked 2 palette and loved it, mostly this was a curiosity buy and today has been the first day I have had time to try and test.

Finding them was the most difficult part, I had read reviews and saw them featured in various vlogs and tutorials but could not find them in store for the life of me, so I turned to Ebay, and thank goodness I did! In the end I ended up getting a lucky bag mix of 5 cream shadows for only £10.00 (Amazon RRP. £3.70 each)

Striking luck I got all of the colours I wanted, a beautiful blue and purple (Radium & Delinquent), my go to neutral brown (Rehab)  and a couple of fun colours thrown in for good measure (Sphynx & Weeds) The colours just completely pop when you are as pale and ghostly as I am, so I'm really looking forward to a day when I can attempt a blue and purple look (there are indeed some benefits!)

Today I opted for 'Rehab' the brown you can see above, along with an off white MUA shadow to blend on my inner eye and under brow. Thankfully these shadows come with a handy little applicator which made using it so much simpler than I had first anticipated, however it does need a bit of brushing off in the tub before you can go ahead and put it onto your eye as it was a bit clumpy to begin with. So slightly time consuming for my tastes but regardless it appears to have lasted the day, which is all I wanted.

I am really looking forward to trying out some fun styles with these shadows, perhaps a Neapolitan effect using the brown and pink with a cream.

Has anyone else ever tried these out? If you have what do you think?

H. Elizabeth

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