Monday, 3 February 2014

Quirks of a Cinephile

Today I'm going to reveal something a few of you don't know about me, I am a major Cinephile.

A 'Cinephile' for those who don't know is someone with an intense interest in cinema and film, I personally have gone to the cinema every week, at least once a week since I was about 5 or 6 years old. It's a passion I have shared with my parents  for years, with the interest actually stemming from their...encouragement (can it be called that?)

Those who know me often have to suffer through those Cinephilic quirks which have came to define my personality and enhance my...qualities as a person, here is a taster of what it can be like as a friend of a Cinephile:

#1. First of all as a cinema fanatic and being an avid viewer of many many films over the years, I have a movie reference for pretty much everything, discussing McDonalds will remind me of Pulp Fiction and even my shopping style is reminiscent of scenes from Confessions of a Shopaholic. So if you ever are in a situation where you meet me, you can guarantee I'll have a movie reference for that exact moment.

#2. Watching a film with me can literally take hours and hours if you're a chatterbox, that film will be paused and rewound more times than Leo DiCaprio has cried on screen ever!

#3. I remember life milestones by the film that was released that year, for example the year I met my first boyfriend was the year I went to see Juno in Vue Cinema (significant as it isn't my regular cinema) and the day I was accepted into my college course, I went to see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, a surprisingly handy way to remember my life!

#4. Cinema is my temple of worship, many of my pet peeves were born in the cinema, loud crunchers, erratic movements and misuse of the 'silent' phone option being a few. You need to be a truly special person to achieve cinema-going status with this Cinephile!

#5. Not only am I a Cinephile, I am an analytic Cinephile, meaning that when I see a movie I spend days deconstructing the plot and searching for plot holes to determine whether or not I shall ever watch it again (Iron Man 3 is a big no no unfortunately)

#6. My house is full of film related memorabilia, mainly Star Wars and Avengers related, one of my favourite websites for this is called Sideshow Collectibles which I recommend for any film fans looking to add some character to their homes (pun intended)

#7. My favourite films are often related to consumerism, greed and excess, one of the most recent cinematic wins I have witnessed from this category is, 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' and 2013's 'Filth' as well as recent indie flick, 'The Bling Ring'

#8. A film debate with me can turn very nasty very quickly.. you were warned..

#9. I have had a Cineworld Unlimited card since they were released originally as Virgin cinemas (I think)

#10. And lastly on my Cinephile quirk list, a wee bit more personally, I have collected every cinema ticket stub I have been able to for the past 10+ years.....

Now you have seen into my quirky mind and read about one of my greatest loved past times, I hope this doesn't send you running! As always all comments are appreciated, it'd be nice to hear from some fellow Cinephiles, or I'd love to hear about your own quirks?

(a couple of the oldest in my collection)


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