Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fragrance Faves

Today I thought I would share some of my fragrance faves with you, it's a kind of ritual that every birthday and Christmas I'll try and find a new perfume to add to my ever growing collection in an attempt to find my 'signature scent'. At the moment I have 9 perfumes on my vanity table, so I want to share my 4 favourite scents of the moment.

1) Killer Queen - Katy Perry
Yes, I bought into the hype I'm quite a Katy Perry fan and loved her previous perfume 'Meow' Firstly I love the bottles quirky design, it's so playful and makes me feel fancy!! The perfume itself is very sweet and reminds me of a berry sort of smell and ALL of my scarves smell of this perfume it's very long lasting, and as I learned the hard way, a little goes a long long way!

2) Lola - Marc Jacobs
The newest addition to my collection, this one I've been lusting after for a good while now, and it's so lovely. My special occasion perfume you could say! As you can probably tell from the beautiful lid this one is very floral and reminds me of Summer, something I am desperately missing in my life!

3) Nina - Nina Ricci
For me this is an oldie but goodie, 'Nina' was one of the first perfumes I ever truly loved. I have bought 4 bottles of this in total and even have a reserve for when I run out! First I fell in love with the bottle (I tend to like the shiny shiny things in life) it adds a beautiful, vintage, fairytale look to my dressing table not to mention it smells divine!

4) Lady Million - Paco Rabanne 
After buying 'Black XS' by Paco Rabanne as my 'school perfume' I was hooked, and instantly fell for the hype surrounding Lady Million. It's my 'night out' perfume again with this one, a little goes a very long way it's hard to remove the scent though but I love being able to smell my own perfume...it's reassuring!

Keeping it short and sweet today, I hope you've enjoyed my fragrance faves post. As always your comments are appreciated, if you want a wee chin wag you can catch me on Twitter or if you want to keep up with the latest Granite City posts follow me on Bloglovin


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