Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hair Story

If there's one thing my nearest and dearest know about me and my beauty regime, it's that it's never complete without a major tin of hairspray and some serious back-combing!

I'm a proud red-head/ginger/auburn lady and I've never strayed very far from my fiery path, but I've been through all of the phases. This post documents my hair-story from 2008 to the mop I sport today!

     2008 - 2010 (L -R)

From the photo on the far left you can see I didn't always don my natural shade with the ferocity  I maintain today, you could say my 'emo' stage promted me to go darker with the help of a stylist of course!

Alas the chocolatey locks soon faded and I was back to my natural barnet mainly sporting a shorter, straight, choppy style and ashamedly neglecting my heat protection duties when styling!

2010 saw the dawn of my hippy wave faze...very on trend at the time I assure you! Using my ever faithful babylis curling wand (still in working order to this day)  Along with my attempt at a blonde streak 2010 was a good hair year for me!

2010 - 2012

The rise of the full fringe, ala Ashlee Simpson and Zooey Deschannel, and so began my quest for volume. Since 2011 I have tried every product under the sun, tres emme shampoos and conditioners, aussie volume mousse and even plumping powders, my quest continues!

Sleek and....what I had assumed to be stylish of the time, my long gingery locks were my signature throughout my college years which is why it was a shock to the system when I...

Chopped it all off, aaah.... never again though!

2012 - 2014

With the help of Label M's Hair Oil my locks soon grew back, and I opted first for a little mermaid do in the form of a loreal red hair dye.

Next and I maintain, my favourite do of the past 5 years, my cropped tangerine do which I had during Summer 2013, courtesy of my current hairdresser Saks (who I swear by!)

Last but not least, my current Auburn do, which I have sported since Christmas 2013, I love the warm tones and multi tonal qualities it gives my hair.

I'm always looking for new styles, colours and cuts to shape my hair on and as for the future of my hair I hope to grow rapunzel locks very soon.


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