Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2014 with the Granite City Girl


Finally, I will begin writing my finals year dissertation on the Avengers and fan culture, yes it is as cool as it sounds, and I begin to really knuckle down for the remaining months of my university education.


Love is in the air as Valentines day fast approaches, and I'll be celebrating in true girly style with my pyjamas and a copy of Crazy Stupid Love (with my partner and a bottle of vino)
On a rather similar note, my partner and I will begin preparations for our wedding (skip ahead to August for spoilers)


My breather do my dissertation!


My dissertation is due, hopefully by then I will be fully enlightened regarding, 'the effect that Marvels Avengers franchise has had on the growth of participatory fan culture since 2008,' - If you'd like to help get in touch!!!

An incredibly milestone filled month for me, first of all this month will mark my last days of university, I'm afraid I'll be kissing goodbye to those student discounts I have so heavily relied on during my years of schooling... I suppose I better get shopping pronto!
This month also marks the last few days we have in our current home, we will be moving to greener pastures (in the same city!) preferably with wardrobe space to rival Carrie Bradshaw's, I'm really not asking too much!
And finally, and perhaps one of the big three events of 2014, my 21st birthday, for which I hope to have a relaxing spa day in Aberdeen....or get surprised with an all expenses paid trip to New could happen!!!
The remainder of May, and my brainpower, will be spent searching for the perfect events/communications job to put my fabulous degree to good use.


Two big birthdays this month, first my partner turns 25, still baffled as to what I should buy since all he wants in life is a £4000 watch and all I want in life is £4000!
Next there is my mothers birthday, the big 4-0 and still fab. Keeping her present idea under wraps for now just in case.


Graduation day is finally here! I'm already so excited that I already bought my dress (stay tuned) also feeling very nervous and replaying THAT scene from the Lizzie McGuire movie in my head....and every other horrifying stage fall video out there.


Our wedding day has finally arrived, after months of preparation it will all finally pay off....fingers crossed! Stay tuned for some weddingy themed posts as we near the date, I really can't wait!


A fairly quiet month awaits in September, time perhaps to reflect on life and get in touch with my deeper self (or go on holiday/a shopping spree)


Halloween has returned, one of my favourite holidays, not for the nights out or trick or treating, but the costumes. I love playing around with costumes and make up, so this (and comic con) is the perfect time for some experimental make overs.


Time to get arses in gear for Christmas once again, and say hello to the festive chocs and goodies, of which I STILL have an abundance from 2013.


Christmas time rituals can now acceptably begin and being a married woman it'll be acceptable for me to eat ALL THE THINGS!

And of course on top of all of this I'll be sharing my latest endeavors, best buys and events in the Granite City.

Overall I look forward to living out 2014 and hopefully you'll enjoy reading all about it!

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